Consumer Empowering Laws

There are many federal laws that have been enacted to give consumers certain rights when dealing with large, wealthy and powerful companies. What gives these laws “teeth” is something known as “fee shifting.” Generally, in this country, win, lose or draw, everyone pays their own lawyer. This rule, however, doesn’t work when an average consumer is up against a much more powerful and wealthy company. Consumers simply don’t have the resources to battle these companies and so their rights would go unenforced. Under these “fee shifting statutes,” however, the credit card company or debt collector must pay the attorneys’ fees of the consumer in the event of success. This allows consumers to hire experienced and skillful law firms, like ours, to enforce their rights. We also take each case on a “contingency” basis. This means that win or lose, you will never owe us attorneys’ fees.

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Rights are meaningless if you can’t afford to properly enforce them. Powerful consumer laws require that the debt collectors pay your lawyers’ fees. This changes everything.

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